Sagastrand Beach Resort

the-beachSagastrand Beach Resort is located on the southwest side of Olango Island with few tourists nearby, and it takes about 20 minutes with boat/ferry from Mactan Island near Cebu. The neighborhood

The ferries goes every half hour to/from Mactan. The lot is slightly more than 5000 square meters with approximately 40 m beach line, centrally located, and with panorama view towards the white beach and the sea. These features make this project specially atttactive. You can take part in the luxury that a house on the beach can offer, but which just a few can enjoy.

You wake up to the sound of waves hitting the beach, the wind passing through the coconut palms, the inhabitants and the roosters as the day dawns. Every morning the local baker delivers fresh bread made on a slab of rock, and you can either enjoy the breakfast on your own terrace or in the restaurant. The days can be used in both the sun and the sea, and in the evening you can enjoy the soft red light as the tropical sun disappears in the horizon. 
Sagastrand Beach Resort is favourable for both back packers and families with members in all ages, and is well planned with regards to sun and view,with a beatiful landscape and pool area. In addition to the activities the nature invites to, there is arranged for playing and social gathering in the common areas.

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