Living costs


The currency is Peso. 100 peso is per 2012 app. 2.3 $. 1 $ is app. 43 peso.

The price level is low compared to the European level. A teacher's income is app. P10 000 each month, in other words app. 230$. Even those Europeans with low income will manage well financially and can have a nice life if they decide to live there for periods.

There are several big and modern shopping centres from the exclusive ones where they sell well known brands to a low price, to others where the prices is even lower.

Item / ServicePrice (PHP)
Dinner on a restaurant From PHP 300; app. 7 $
A bottle of beer (0.33l) In the shop PHP 20 (0.5 $), in a restaurant PHP 50 til 60 (1.1 to 1.3 $)
Maid PHP 3 500 each month (80 $)
Tailor made suit  From PHP 5 000 (115 $) +/- depending on fabric quality
Rent a motor cycle on the island (125 cc) App. PHP 250 for one day (5.8 $) + gasoline

 Dental sevices, optician services, spectacles and hand made jewellery is available to very favourable prices. You can also bargain on prices on transport, markets and similar.

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