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Sagastrand Beach Resort are four norwegians, one with filippine background and who grew up on Olango Island.

After several vacations to different "tourist" destinations, the impressions after been on Olango was a totally new experience. We have had many visitors joining us on our vacations, in all ages and where everyone had a great time. Also most of them have returned later. Here are beautiful surroundings and a safe environment, and at the same time the city is very near to get all your needs fulfilled. A lot of tourists visit the village in conjunction with trips to the bird- and the fish sanctuary. To this date there have only been a few possibilities for getting food served and a place to sleep over, but with the restaurant and the room and house rental, we can offer visitors facilities both for single days and for longer periods.

Our intension is to deliver high class service in all parts of the project. We are very happy to open the resort and hope that we differ from others with regards to atmosphere and service, and we do our best to make our visitors having a pleasant stay. By owning or renting a house the visitors will have the possibilities to be a part of a meaningful experience. At the same time it is an investment both economical and in lifestyle, where connections are made both to the place and the people.

Social Profile

As a consequence of our experience with contributions to the local society, we plan to use parts of the profit to establish a centre for cultural activities like music education. This will be a benefit for both the school and the local inhabitants. By now we are supporting the local kindergarten/pre-school and some local sports arrangements. Experiences show that in the long term, the best way to support development is through education and culture. The development of the project will also give positive effects, by hiring locals both during the construction period, and to run the project. This will improve their income and make their life a bit easier.

Why the name Sagastrand?

Because of our connection to both the Philippines and Norway we named the resort Sagastrand.

Sagas are stories about ancient Scandinavian and Germanic history, about early Viking adventures and voyages, where they used the special Viking ships. Saga is also connected to the Philippine owner name; Sagarino.

Strand is the Norwegian word for beach.

Our goal is to give our visitors coming to Olango Island and Sagastrand a fairytale/adventure on the beach.


Contact information:

Sagastrand Beach Resort
Ba Daku, San Vicente,
Lapu Lapu City,
Cebu, Philliphines

Mobile +63 9298837704 Landline +63 32 513 1861
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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