The Central Visayas

forside dykkingCebu is among the largest islands in the Philippines and here is also the city Cebu with more than 800 000 inhabitants. You can spend the night at an exclusive hotel to a nice price. It will cost approximately P3500 each night for an OK double room. There are a lot of shopping centres, stores and markeds so you can shop the whole day long. The prices are much lower than the European level. In the city you'll find a variety of restaurants and night clubs and everyone will find some of them pleasant.

On the southwest side of the island Cebu you find the waterfalls Kawasan Falls, well known for its tremendous nature and clear water. Here you can cool down by taking a bath in one of the natural pools. There are also possibilities for other activities.

Straight across the strait from Sagastrand Beach Resort is Mactan Island. Here are several guitar factories where you can buy your own hand crafted guitars in a wide spectre of prices. It varies from the cheapest one, more or less souvernirs, to the more expensive ones in high quality. The guitars are both exported and sold to domestic guitar shops, but you can also buy them in the factory outlets.

On Mactan Island, one of the largest tourist places in the Philippines, you can order dive packages and do your diving/snorkelling in on of the nicest areas in the world.

For those more historic orientated, it is possible to visit several museums. Among others Rizal Memorial Library/Museum gives an insight into Philippine history. Several well preserved Taoist temples and churches are also worth a visit. In addition you can also visit Fort San Pedro and Magellan's Cross. The philippinos are fond of fiestas and celebrations. Every town and village has their own protector, “saint”, which is celebrated. In addition there are several catholic and other events worth celebrating. Every day there usually is a celebration or two somewhere in the region.

Cebu is a suitable point of departure with regards to island jumping to several of the islands nearby. Malapascua is located just outside the most northern point of Cebu and it takes approximately 40 minutes by pump boat to the island with its white beach and several accomodations. The island is called "the next Boracay", but still have a way to go to get there. By taking the superjet, Bohol is a bit more than an hour away. Bohol is well known for its culture, history, several tourist places and the nice and well preserved nature. Other smaller islands doesn't have accomodations for tourists, but is still worth a visit on a boat trip. On every island you visit, there are always new things to explore because all islands are different.

Olango Island

MangoAfter years of travelling to typical "tourist places", or as "back packer" in Asia, will most people who come to Olango Island, experience that this is the first place they have been where they really learn to know the culture, and the way of living, in places like this. There are no hotels on the island yet, but a few beach resorts.

The island consists of several small villages and have approximately 25 000 inhabitants. They get most of their income from fishing and local craftsmanship. They also harvest sponges and starfishes for industrial purposes. In addition they sell trinkets, dried starfishes and shell to tourists that visit Olango Island and other islands nearby. Moneywise they often have nothing to spare, but as most Philippinos they take the things as they come and visitors are always welcome to visit them. Most of the inhabitants live in simple cottages made of nipa palm, bamboo and corrugated steel plates on the roof, a building tradition in the Philippines .

The roads are quite good and practically free of cars. The most common vehicle are trycycles, which are able to take up to five passengers. The tricycle is basically the Philippine rickshaw: a little, roofed sidecar bolted to a motorbike. Tricycles are found in their various forms nearly everywhere and are useful - essential even - for short trips. For example a trip from Santa Rosa to Sagastrand Beach (3km) cots P120 (a bit less than 3$) for up to 5 passengers. The most common private vehicles are mopeds and motorcycles.

You can also take a walk or ride a bicycle in the nice nature. In Santa Rosa you will find both stores and a restaurant. Here is also a small marked with fish, fresh fruit and vegetables. On the north side of the island, several fish restaurants are located. Here you can choose between several types of fresh fish and other sea food for dinner. The fish are alive when you choose.

Bird Sanctuary

On the south west side of the island, approximately 1 km away from Sagastrand Beach Resort, you will find Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary, a famous Eco-Tourism Destination. The area is a national park and is visited by tourists all year. A lot of birds stop for a rest on their way from Australia and New Zealand, and all the way up to the north of Siberia and back again. The sanctuary has obtained several international prices in ecotourism.


Several fiestas are arranged in the villages on the island. Some big fiesta in the neightbourhood takes place in February and in May, and lasts for several days. Everyone is welcome to participate. In addidtion to the fiestas, street discos are arranged every now and then. To participate on these is usually very popular by our guests. Normal age on these street discos is from 2 to 80.

Fish Sanctuary

It takes only a few minutes with boat to arrive at the nearest marine sanctuary. Her you can swim and snorkel and let the fishes eat from your hand. You can now actually also walk to the fish sanctuary on a boardwalk, a few hundred meters long. Walking distance from Sagastrand to the boardwalk is less than 10 min.


There are several diving centres and organizers of dive trips. In Lonely Planets diving books, several of the highest ranked dive sites are located nearby. Olango Island is a coral island and the coral reefs outside are among the most visited in the world. It is not a typhoon or tsunami and thus it is a diving area through the whole year.

Sagastrand Beach Resort

the-beachSagastrand Beach Resort is located on the southwest side of Olango Island with few tourists nearby, and it takes about 20 minutes with boat/ferry from Mactan Island near Cebu. The neighborhood

The ferries goes every half hour to/from Mactan. The lot is slightly more than 5000 square meters with approximately 40 m beach line, centrally located, and with panorama view towards the white beach and the sea. These features make this project specially atttactive. You can take part in the luxury that a house on the beach can offer, but which just a few can enjoy.

You wake up to the sound of waves hitting the beach, the wind passing through the coconut palms, the inhabitants and the roosters as the day dawns. Every morning the local baker delivers fresh bread made on a slab of rock, and you can either enjoy the breakfast on your own terrace or in the restaurant. The days can be used in both the sun and the sea, and in the evening you can enjoy the soft red light as the tropical sun disappears in the horizon. 
Sagastrand Beach Resort is favourable for both back packers and families with members in all ages, and is well planned with regards to sun and view,with a beatiful landscape and pool area. In addition to the activities the nature invites to, there is arranged for playing and social gathering in the common areas.

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